Eduxlabs in Association with Mechanica IIT Madras
2-weeks Live Online 
FDP | Winter Training Program  on

Full stack web development 

Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP & MySQL to build and deploy interactive applications and services and

become a full-stack web developer.

Information Technology

Training schedule :

From 12th Dec - 30th Dec 2022

Live Timing: 8 Pm - 10 PM IST

Duration: 30-Hrs Live, 3-weeks


Training Features 

3-weeks Live

online Instructor-led Training

Hands-on based Learning

Build own website

Action-driven Training

80% Hands-on + 20% theory 

Certificate of completion

in association with

 Mechanica IIT Madras

Key Takeaways:

Lectures Recording, Training PPT & Projects Code

Ask Questions & Clear Doubts

During Live Sessions

What you'll learn in 3-weeks Training?

Module 1: Learn HTML From Basic to Advanced

Practically you will work with Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Comments, Tables, Lists, Blocks, Forms

Module 2: PHP for web Development from scratch 

Practically you will learn PHP Programming A-Z concepts 

Creating A Complete Php Form With Validation & Required Fields

Module 3: MYSQL Database for Web Development

Practically you will learn MYSQL Database. 

  • Inserting Data Into Database

  • Retrieving Data From Database

  • Updating Data Into Mysql Database

  • Deleting Data From Mysql Database

Module 4: Learn to Apply Javascript for web Development  

  • Learn to write JavaScript functions

  • Learn to write Javascript arrays

  • Learn to write Javascript loops

  • Learn to write Javascript math operations

  • Learn to write Javascript condition statements

  • Learn about Javascript variables

Module 4: Website Hosting for Your site

  • Registering & Choosing your Domain Name

  • Registering & Choosing your Website Hosting

Module 5: Publish your own website 

  • Learn to Upload Files on the server with Filezilla

  • Preparing to Publish your Website 


Hands-on Projects

  • Making Your Own Dynamic Website with Php and Mysql

  • Build a Blog Website with WordPress

  • Create Portfolio Website & Static Website

  • Build Login and Registration System with Php and MySql

For Whom this Training is ?

There is No Prerequisite for the Training

  • Anyone who wants to become a full-stack web developer. 

  • Any students in college who want to start a career in web development.

  • Faculty & Research Scholars who wish to upskill in emerging technologies 

  • Working Professional who wants new career options.

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Know Your Mentor

Harshad Panday 

3D Printing Technical Trainer 


Expertise in 3D Printing Technology & Development 

Delivered 250+ Training globally for Corporate & Academic Institutions Like IITs, NITs & Reputed Universities.

Trained More than 5k Participants

(Students, Research Scholars  Faculties & working Professionals,)


Get Certified

You will get an e-Certificate of completion for this Training​ From Eduxlabs in Association with

Mechanica IIT Madras 



We can customize the certificate as per your needs Example:

  • FDP Certificate 

  • Winter Internship & Training Certificate

  • Industrial Training Certificate / Others


What You Get?

  • Firm Knowledge of web development

  • Live online session with Expert

  • Apply your skills with hands-on

  • Learn Build Your Own Website 

  • Training PPT & Recording for a lifetime.

  • Certificate of completion