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Applied Deep Learning in Healthcare Data Analysis    

Two weeks Live online Training on


Training Date: 12th Dec - 23rd Dec 2022

Training 6 PM - 9 PM IST
Duration: 30 Hours (3-Hours Each Day) | Live on Zoom

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Training Highlights

30+ Hours Live online Instructor-led Training

Hands-On Project
Work on real world projects

Certificate of completion

in association with

Mechanica IIT Madras

Key Takeaways:

Certificate, Lectures Recording, Projects code, Notes, etc.


What you'll learn

Learn to use Python in Healthcare Data Analysis.

Learn to do Data Processing, Data Data Cleaning, Data Visualisation & Data Analysis using Python

Learn to use machine learning & Deep learning Algorithms.

Learn to use OpenCV in Image Processing, Edge Detection Feature Extraction using Python.

Learn to apply Logistic Regression, TensorFlow and Keras with Hands-on

Learn to Apply Artificial Neural Networks in practice

Learn to Apply Convolutional Neural Networks CNN in HealthCare Data

5+ Healthcare Data Sets will use practically to understand how to apply Deep Learning in Healthcare Data Analsysis

Projects included in Training

Project 1:

Detecting COVID-19 in X-ray images with Deep Learning – Classifying NORMAL, PNEUMONIC Human Xray Data

Project 2:

Brain Tumour Detection

in Human Brain MRI using Deep Learning

Project 3:

ECG Heart Beat Analysis,

Visualization & Classification

Project 4:

Classification & Prediction of Brain Tumour using MRI Images Analysis

Project 5:

Health Care Cost Regression & EDA

Project 6:

DICOM / CT Scan Medical Image Visualization & Analysis

Who should attend?

Prerequisite: Python will be Prerequisite for this course 

  • Any students in college who want to start a career in Data Science.

  • Faculty & Research Scholar who want to level up in Machine Learning.

  • Any data analysts who want to level up in Machine Learning & DL.

  • Any people who are not satisfied with their job and who want to become a Data Scientist.

  • Any people who want to create added value to their business by using powerful Machine Learning & DL tools.


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Training Fee: ₹ 2400/-per head (Excluding Tax)


ML & AI Training Expert

Our Trainer

Mr. Bipul Shahi

(M.Tech) (Exp. 7+ Yrs)

Expertise in AI & ML | IoT

Delivered 450+  FDP, Corporate Training, & Workshops etc.

    Our Trainer

    Mr. Amit Mishra 

    (M.Tech) (Exp.8+ Yrs)

    Expertise in AI & ML | Blockchain

    Delivered 500+  FDP, Corporate Training & Workshops etc.




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