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Training Programs

Eduxlabs provides both short-term and long-term training programs on

various trending technologies (AI, IoT , Robotics & Others)

Training Features 

Empower with our comprehensive Training Programs

Hands-on Learning

complete Hands-on based Trainings

Learn with expert

Trainings will be delivered by Professional Expert 


Get Certificate by Eduxlabs

in association with

Mechanica IIT Madras

Trainings Courses

We offer online/offline training programs for short & Long term Training on  Emerging Technologies 

CSE / IT Trainings
ECE / EEE / Mech
Full Stack Web Development
Solar Energy Training
AI & Machine Learning with Python
Internet of Things (IoT)
Data Science with Python
Embedded systems & Robotics
Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity
3D Printing Technology
Android App Development
Drone Building Training
Deep Learning & Computer Vision
Robotics with Arduino
Blockchain Technology
Electric Vehicle (EV)
Benefits for Hosting institutions
  • Certificate of coordination to each coordinator/ authority/ faculty of the institute

  • An authorized Expert will visit your Campus to organize the entire training.

  • Email Promotion will be sent to regional colleges about the training programs.

  • Soft copies of Posters will be sent to you for effective regional publicity

  • The name and Logo including the website link will be published on our official website mentioning that “You are our FDP Center”.

  • We can sign the MOU for long-term association with your estimated college as an Industry Partner for Training & Development.

  • Eduxlabs can sponsor for technical fests of Colleges

We are pleased to offer the following benefits for hosting the training program at your campus


We would require basic requirements to conduct a Training Program from the hosting institution

  • A seminar hall or classroom with sufficient capacity to conduct hands-on sessions for all participants.

  • A good quality public address system, ideally with two cordless microphones.

  • A projector, screen, and a black/whiteboard for teaching and presentation purposes.

  • A minimum of 50 participants are required to organize this training.

  • Accommodation for one training expert.


We have organized Training programs in several engineering colleges throughout India


We have organized Training programs in several engineering colleges throughout India

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